Hello list,

I've been lately looking for a way to draw lines (with
the gc's subwindow_mode set to IncludeInferiors) while
being able to refresh them properly. This is for a
small window manager I'm in development of.

So far the only way I've achieved so is by setting
gc's function to GXinvert; then I just have draw the
line, and draw it again to ged rid of it. 

The thing is that I'd like to do the same with a solid

I've also tried leaving the gc-function's member as
GXcopy, and then clearing exposed areas. I managed to
do this only on the root window, as soon as I place a 
xterm on the screen, I seem to be unable to clear
affected areas within it.

So my question is if somebody can give me some hints
or clues. 

I've also tried drawing with all the gc functions
while trying to clear again with all of them (one by
one, programatically), but to my surprise I didn't get
the desired result.

So if anyone could tell me at least what the better
way would be to go on with, or perhaps about some
window manager which doesn't use GXinvert when
resizing windows, but a solid color so I can see how
the do it, that would also be really appreciated.


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