> Where does the 0x4a5a one come from?  I can find no other references to 

Damn, you're right. This is a typo. It is 0x4a54, which is already in the 

> I'd still like to know where your original list came from.

Okay : first I built a more complete list of PCI ids, by merging :
- the RADEONPciChipsets[] table in radeon_probe.c
- the list from ATI's fglrx package
- sourceforge's pci.ids table

My reasoning was then the following : if a given chip, eg R200, is in the
RADEONPciChipsets[] table, then all R200 based boards should also be
supported. Am I right ? If not, then my work can be simply discarded ...

Loïc Mahé - Toulouse, France

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