Some code analysis and debugging shows that the function "if 
(!(*pScr->RealizeFont) (pScr, pfont))" called from doOpenFont() in file 
dix/dixfonts.c is failing in the first case whereas succeeding in the second 

Can anybody please let me know what could be the reason.


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>Date: Thu,  8 May 2008 11:12:23 +0530 (IST)
>Subject: Xnest Font Server setting  
>To: devel@XFree86.Org
>I am trying to connect to XServer using Xnest as follows : 
>> Xnest :1 -kb -terminate -name -query <X_SERVER_IP> -geometry 1280x969 -fp 
>> tcp/<FONT_SERVER_IP>:7100 
>but I can only see a blank window which vanishes within a fraction of a 
>The error I see is : "could not open default font 'fixed'". 
>Now, if I use, 
>> Xnest :1 -kb -terminate -name -query <X_SERVER_IP> 
>-geometry 1280x969 -fp 
>then I can successfully connect to X and can see Xnext login window. 
>Now, if I run the first command again then this time it works fine without any 
>Is there any reason why it did not work if I tried only FONT_SERVER_IP:7100 
>before specifying all the font paths and it worked after specifying font 
>paths? Does this have anything to do with caching? 

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