I've noticed the radeon driver changes following the last patch 
Thanks for having taken into account my proposals.

Here is another list of Radeon cards which should be supported by the 
radeon driver.
I suspect all the entries marked as Secondary can be ignored, because the 
primary head will do
the job from XFree86's point of view.

0x1002        0x3151        "ATI|M24 [FireMV 2400]"
0x1002        0x3171        "ATI|M24 [FireMV 2400] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x3e70        "ATI|RV380 [Radeon X600] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4164        "ATI|R300 AD [Radeon 9500 Pro] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4165        "ATI|R300 AE [Radeon 9700 Pro] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4166        "ATI|R300 AF [Radeon 9700 Pro] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4168        "ATI|Radeon R350 [Radeon 9800] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4170        "ATI|RV350 AP [Radeon 9600] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4171        "ATI|RV350 AQ [Radeon 9600] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4172        "ATI|RV350 AR [Radeon 9600] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4173        "ATI|RV350 AS [Radeon 9550] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x496e        "ATI|Radeon RV250 [Radeon 9000] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4a69        "ATI|R420 [Radeon X800 PRO/GTO] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4a6a        "ATI|R420 [Radeon X800] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4a6b        "ATI|R420 [Radeon X800] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4a70        "ATI|R420 [X800XT-PE] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4a74        "ATI|R420 [Radeon X800 VE] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4b48        "ATI|Radeon X850 Consumer (R481)"
0x1002        0x4b69        "ATI|R480 [Radeon X850XT] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4b6b        "ATI|R480 [Radeon X850Pro] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4b6c        "ATI|R481 [Radeon X850XT-PE] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4c6e        "ATI|Radeon RV250 Ln [Radeon Mobility 9000 M9] 
0x1002        0x4e64        "ATI|Radeon R300 [Radeon 9700 Pro] 
0x1002        0x4e65        "ATI|Radeon R300 [Radeon 9500 Pro] 
0x1002        0x4e66        "ATI|RV350 NF [Radeon 9600] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4e67        "ATI|Radeon R300 [FireGL X1] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4e68        "ATI|Radeon R350 [Radeon 9800 Pro] 
0x1002        0x4e69        "ATI|Radeon R350 [Radeon 9800] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4e6a        "ATI|RV350 NJ [Radeon 9800 XT] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x4e71        "ATI|M10 NQ [Radeon Mobility 9600] 
0x1002        0x4f72        "ATI|RV250 [Radeon 9000 Series]"
0x1002        0x4f73        "ATI|Radeon RV250 [Radeon 9000 Series] 
0x1002        0x5154        "ATI|R200 QT [Radeon 8500]"
0x1002        0x5155        "ATI|R200 QU [Radeon 9100]"
0x1002        0x515f        "ATI|ES1000"
0x1002        0x5461        "ATI|M22 [Mobility Radeon X300]"
0x1002        0x5555        "ATI|R430 GL PRO"
0x1002        0x5569        "ATI|R423 UI [Radeon X800PRO (PCIE)] 
0x1002        0x556b        "ATI|Radeon R423 UK (PCIE) [X800 SE] 
0x1002        0x556d        "ATI|R430 [Radeon X800 XL] (PCIe) (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x556f        "ATI|R430 [Radeon X800] (PCIE) (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x5571        "ATI|R423GL-SE [FireGL V5100 (PCIE)] 
0x1002        0x5657        "ATI|Radeon X550/X700 Series (RV410)
0x1002        0x5854        "ATI|Radeon Xpress Series (RS480)"
0x1002        0x5874        "ATI|Radeon Xpress Series (RS482)"
0x1002        0x5940        "ATI|RV280 [Radeon 9200 PRO] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x5941        "ATI|RV280 [Radeon 9200] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x5944        "ATI|RV280 [Radeon 9200 SE (PCI)]"
0x1002        0x5a43        "ATI|Radeon Xpress Series (RS400)"
0x1002        0x5a63        "ATI|Radeon Xpress Series (RC410)"
0x1002        0x5b66        "ATI|RV370X (RV370)"
0x1002        0x5b70        "ATI|RV370 [Radeon X300SE]"
0x1002        0x5b72        "ATI|RV380 [Radeon X600]"
0x1002        0x5b73        "ATI|RV370 secondary [Sapphire X550 Silent]"
0x1002        0x5b74        "ATI|RV370 5B64 [FireGL V3100 (PCIE)] 
0x1002        0x5d44        "ATI|RV280 [Radeon 9200 SE] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x5d45        "ATI|RV280 [FireMV 2200 PCI] (secondary)"
0x1002        0x5d51        "ATI|R480 GL 12P (R480)"
0x1002        0x5d6d        "ATI|R480 [Radeon X850XT Platinum (PCIE)] 
0x1002        0x5d6f        "ATI|R480 [Radeon X800 GTO (PCIE)] 
0x1002        0x5d72        "ATI|R480 [Radeon X850XT (PCIE)] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x5d77        "ATI|R423 5F57 [Radeon X800XT (PCIE)] 
0x1002        0x5e49        "ATI|RV410 [FireGL V3300]"
0x1002        0x5e6b        "ATI|RV410 [Radeon X700 Pro (PCIE)] 
0x1002        0x5e6d        "ATI|RV410 [Radeon X700 (PCIE)] (Secondary)"
0x1002        0x5f57        "ATI|R423 [Radeon X800XT (PCIE)]"
0x1002        0x7c37        "ATI|RV350 AQ [Radeon 9600 SE]"
0x103c        0x31fb        "HP|DL365 ATI ES1000 VGA controller"

Loïc Mahé - Toulouse, France

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