Hello vtwm users,


includes a patchset containig the backport of the Xinerama support recently developed for twm. It is to be applied against the 20080210 trunk version of the vtwm source code; execute

  svn export http://cadaver.deadbeast.net/svn/vtwm/trunk

to download this.  Not entering the local 'trunk/' subdirectory, running


should download the above patchset and compile the tweaked vtwm with Xinerama enabled. (Having been asked to supply compile scripts/instructions, so here I am happily doing this.) :-)


How this Xinerama support looks like and how it was created is somewhat tedious/unnecessary to describe here, though this dummy screenshot


shows some of the development/testing environment.

In short, the left half is a circular Xnest/Xdmx Xinerama mockup (spanning 9 tiles), 'fdclock' running in the background and vtwm managing the vertically-zoomed ghostscript window (depicting the implemented full-zoom algorithm enlarging the pink sample window into green). The right half is twm-managed X11 physical screen used to take the screenshot by gimp.

(As xcompmgr seemingly does not run on Xinerama, the vtwm "screen" looks somewhat flat.)

The most important implementation aspect to be noted here probably is, the zoom functions (fullzoom included) only zoom across Xinerama tiles which the client window already intersects, and do not perform a kind of "global maximise", spanning the client across Xinerama tiles resulting in a maximum possible area covered.

Second, the vtwm/twm window manager elements (iconmanagers, icon regions, virtual-display window, doors, etc) falling onto "dead areas" by .vtwmrc configuration are brought back onto visible area with the least possible effort. This means, under certain unlucky conditions these elements may appear one ontop of some other, if the geometric computations so result. (I did not put any effort into tracking screen coverage in this respect as being unnecessary complexity, which can be in fact easily avoided by .vtwmrc configuration.)

Having tested this code for some time already, though I am not using Xinerama very extensively myself, so I have to rely largely on any problem reports, ideas, etc. one may encounter.

Have fun,

    Eeri Kask

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