I've just discovered a slight bug probably related to the i810 driver.
I launched "x11perf -all" on a series of computers. On all machines, the
command finished normally, but on those which have an Intel video chipset,
the framebuffer was corrupted, which I discovered by switching to the text

1) either the text console didn't work at all (full of vertical colors 
and unusable, but I could switch back to XFree).
This was for the Dell GX110 (8086:7125 - I810 chipset)

2) or there was small part of XFree86 (Gnome desktop) displayed at the 
of the text console (the console did work - well mostly work - and I could 
switch back to XFree).
This was for the following computers:
- industrial PC with Intel D865GBF motherboard (8086:2572 - I865G chipset)
- Dell GX260 (8086:2562 - I845G chipset)
- Dell GX270 (8086:2572 - I865G chipset)
- Dell GX280 (8086:2582 - I915G chipset)
- Aaeon Boxer (8086:3582 - I855GM chipset) (*)

This problem is 100% reproducible and disappears after reboot.
No error or warning messages in the kernel or XFree logs.

This problem occurs in :
- XFree86 4.7.0 + patches to
- XFree86 4.7.0 + patches to
- XFree86 4.7.0
- XFree86 4.6.0

This problem doesn't occur in :
- XFree86 4.5.0 + patches to

So the bug is somewhere between 4.5.0+patches1-3 and 4.6.0.

All these builds have RedHat and local patches, but none seems to be 
implied (either these
patches doesn't affect the i810 driver or they stay the same in all these 

Loïc Mahé - Toulouse - France

(*) http://www.aaeon.com.tw/newsletter/boxer/aec6910.html

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