We are very pleased to announce the release of XFree86 4.8.0.  This
release comes about a year and a half after the 4.7.0 release, and is
the product of the work of dedicated volunteers.  We would like to
thank all who have contributed to this release, through code, testing,
and other feedback, and all who continue to support XFree86 and the
work of its volunteer developers.

Source, patches and binaries for a range of platforms are now
available for download from our ftp site:


We currently have binaries available for a number of platforms.  More
will become available over time.  If you are not sure which binary set
you need, first download the "Xinstall.sh" script, and run:

    sh Xinstall.sh -check

Also, before downloading, check the 4.8.0 online documentation at:


Read especially the README, RELNOTES and Install documents.  Also,
check the ERRATA for 4.8.0 for any last minute issues:


The CVS tag for this release is "xf-4_8_0".  Information about
accessing our anonymous CVS service is at http://www.xfree86.org/cvs/.

User-related problems should be reported to our xfre...@xfree86.org
list.  Development issues and specific bugs should be reported to our
devel@xfree86.org list and/or logged at http://bugs.xfree86.org/.

The next release, 4.9.0, is planned for late 2009 or early 2010.  If
you find XFree86 useful and would like to help support our work, please
visit our donations page:




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