Patch #282 - 2012/09/28

     * improve configure check for XkbKeycodeToKeysym, fixing a regression
       on some older systems in the patch #280 changes.
     * add  clarification in manpage for alwaysBoldMode and veryBoldColors
       resources (prompted by Derek Martin question about using the former
       with TrueType fonts).
     * add  alternateScroll  resource  and corresponding control sequences
       which  modify  the  scroll-forw  and  scroll-back actions: when the
       alternate screen is displayed, wheel mouse up/down will send cursor
       keys (Debian #683942).
     * improve  rendering  for the case when a Unicode character is absent
       in  the  bold  font  but  present in the normal font by temporarily
       falling back to the normal font (Debian #359006, Debian #408666).
     * provide  configure  option  --enable-double-buffer  and  ifdef's to
       allow  comparisons  with/without double-buffering. The default uses
       normal buffering.
     * add  feature  to  optionally  scroll  current page before clearing,
       controlled  by  resource setting cdXtraScroll (prompted by patch by
       Richard Wagenblast):
     * integrated  patches  from  Arch  Linux  forum  posting  (patches by
       Richard Wagenblast):
          + modify reallocation limit of line-data when resizing screen so
            that  "lost"  text  will  be  restored  if the screen is first
            shrunk and then grown.
          + modify output to use double-buffering to reduce flicker.
     * modify  scroll-lock  action  to  handle on/off/toggle keywords like
       other actions. Previously the optional parameter was interpreted as
       an integer.
     * extend  DECSCUSR  to  provide a way to set the cursor to a vertical
       bar (patch by Paul Bolle).
     * add  -8,  -c,  -d  and -u options to and
       scripts.  No current terminal emulator recognizes C1 controls while
       handling  UTF-8  encoding—see  notes in patch #119 and patch #109
       regarding  utf8controls—but  the -u and -8 options are useful for
       demonstrating this point.
     * improve  speed  when  changing color palettes using OSC controls by
       deferring repaint while followup controls might be additional color
       palette changes.
     * modify  SGR 38 and SGR 48 to accept RGB index, matching the closest
       entry in xterm's palette.
     * extend  SGR 38  and  SGR 48  to accept colon as parameter separator
       (request by Paul LeoNerd Evans).
     * modify fullscreen action to allow it to toggle the full-screen mode
       rather  than  only  set  or  unset  it  (prompted  by  Eeri  Kask's
       suggestion to support _NET_WM_TOGGLE). This implementation does not
       yet use _NET_WM_TOGGLE.
     * add      support      for      _NET_WM_STATE_MAXIMIZED_VERT     and
       _NET_WM_STATE_MAXIMIZED_HORZ  EWMH  properties  (suggested  by Eeri
     * make  fullscreen  mode  work  with  the tek4014 window. This change
       makes  only the currently active window to be changed to fullscreen
       rather than changing both windows.
     * modify  TekClear function to discard pending output before clearing
       the tek4014 display (patch by Kevin Ryde).
     * fix  deleteIsDEL  feature,  broken in patch #280 changes (report by
       Mike Thornburg, forwarded by Jeremy Huddleston).
     * fix   a   special   case   of   wrapping   double-width  characters
       (report/test-case by Ken Winstein).
     * add E3 extended capability to xterm-basic to match ncurses 20120728
     * fix     incorrect     transformation     of    row-parameter    for
       ClearCurBackground in patch #279 which caused incorrect painting in
       some scrolling scenarios (report by Chuck Silvers).
     * fix typo in manpage description of +maximized option (Paul Maier).
     * change  default  for  configure  option  --with-xpm,  turning it on
       unless requested otherwise.
     * add configure option --with-icon-name which can be used to override
       the default icon used in icon-themes.
     * extend  activeIcon  resource  to  provide default value which tells
       xterm  to  determine  the  window  manager's name and automatically
       enable  the  feature  for  fvwm  and  window  maker.  The  explicit
       true/false values can be used to override this behavior.
     * add  "mini" xterm icon, which scales better than the standard xterm
       icon, e.g., for the gnome/kde "panel" feature.
     * extend  iconName  resource  to  search  for icon named according to
       resource value and use that if found. If not found, use compiled-in
       pixmap. Both set the WM_ICON_NAME property which is used by various
       window managers, usually for window decoration.
     * updated  autoconf  patch,  adding  support for --datarootdir, which
       changes the default location of manpages.
     * further  improved  autoconf macros for configuring icons, from vile

Thomas E. Dickey

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