I fear this may be wrong list... I googled, found and joined it... let me know if I've got it wrong...

I have a situation where I want to do the equivalent of "dd" the content of a zfs volume out to have effectively a copy of the raw device.

I've got zfs send > x.out and zfs receive < x.out working, but I'm not sure how to interact with the zfs volume at a block level... presumably there must be a way to get the equivalent of a

dd if=<blockdevice> of=/copy-of-blockdevice.dd ?

such that if I needed to use copy-of-blockdevice.dd on another system without ZFS I could write it do a physical drive?

I think I'm missing something fundamental. I've read that zfs can do blockIO (with volumes), but *I* can't seem to find out how to interact with it on that level...


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