I've subsequently had the panic I noticed happen on creation of an encrypted 
zvol without the `checksum` property set, so I suspect it's not just a result 
of that.

After hacking around that panic the way I outlined above (still not sure if it 
was a great idea, but it lets me consistently make zvols, and they seem to 
work?), I managed to create an encrypted zvol and give it to `dumpadm -d` to 
set it as a dump device. This produced no errors and `dumpadm` succeeded. Then 
I made the system dump (with `uadmin 5 1`) and brought it back up again, and 
thereafter it panics as soon as savecore comes up to look at the dump device 
(with message `panic message: unencrypted block in encrypted object set 572`, 
which seems within expectations given how dumping works).

I think this might be two problems, not one: 1. fixing the panic on zvol 
creation (or finding it's the result of something stupid I did while 
merging/setting up my test env); and then 2. wanting to change the code so that 
`dumpadm -d` doesn't succeed on encrypted zvols (to prevent them being filled 
up with unencrypted blocks like this). I'm not sure they're related.

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