I haven't been able to reproduce any panic. I'm running debug bits, with 
default settings on OmniOS upgraded via `onu` from a nightly build of this PR. 
I'm using a simple `dd` of `/dev/zero` to a file in the zpool (until ENOSPC, 
and then repeating in a loop), as well as running `fio` with a mix of 
sequential and random reads and writes; been running for about 3 hours now. The 
pool is ~95GB in size, and the VM has 16GB of RAM and 8 CPUs. I see calls being 
made to `arc_evict_state`, so I believe I am triggering ARC buffer eviction 
(which might be required looking at the stacks posted above).

@GernotS Can you set `kmem_flags=f` in `/etc/system` and see if you can 
reproduce and upload another dump?

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