removing the l2arc device indeed gets me a step further, I can no longer 
produce crashes using send/receive.
But now I can reproduce a different error when trying to access a zvol (booting 
a kvm machine):

Invalid dnode block MAC

ffffff003d40e370 zfs:zfs_nfsshare_inited+37d648a1 ()
ffffff003d40e480 zfs:dbuf_sync_leaf+2e0 ()
ffffff003d40e4d0 zfs:dbuf_sync_list+bb ()
ffffff003d40e520 zfs:dbuf_sync_indirect+b7 ()
ffffff003d40e570 zfs:dbuf_sync_list+ac ()
ffffff003d40e5c0 zfs:dbuf_sync_indirect+b7 ()
ffffff003d40e610 zfs:dbuf_sync_list+ac ()
ffffff003d40e660 zfs:dbuf_sync_indirect+b7 ()
ffffff003d40e6b0 zfs:dbuf_sync_list+ac ()
ffffff003d40e700 zfs:dbuf_sync_indirect+b7 ()
ffffff003d40e750 zfs:dbuf_sync_list+ac ()
ffffff003d40e7a0 zfs:dbuf_sync_indirect+b7 ()
ffffff003d40e7f0 zfs:dbuf_sync_list+ac ()
ffffff003d40e860 zfs:dnode_sync+251 ()
ffffff003d40e990 zfs:dmu_objset_sync+178 ()
ffffff003d40ea00 zfs:dsl_dataset_sync+85 ()
ffffff003d40ea90 zfs:dsl_pool_sync+9a ()
ffffff003d40eb70 zfs:spa_sync+40f ()
ffffff003d40ec20 zfs:txg_sync_thread+227 ()
ffffff003d40ec30 unix:thread_start+8 ()

I can provide the dump if needed.

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