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I've faced with the following problem. I use the Linux-based board, in which I start PPP daemon to have GPRS networking. After upgrading from Qt5.4 to Qt5.6 my ppp0 interface is always in QNetworkConfiguration::Defined state, so it's unusable.

After debugging I figured out, that the problem is in commit:


This commit allows to add to list:

  QList<QNetworkInterfacePrivate *> interfaces;

interfaces with no address field (ifa_addr == NULL).

Then, I've checked the output from 'getifaddrs()' syscall on my board, and it returns 2! instances of ppp0:

 - one with AF_INET family
 - one with ifa_addr == NULL

So, with the commit mentioned above, there are 2 ppp0 interfaces now in the list, one - correct, second - incorrect.

Due to this mix, eventually in


ppp0 is always set to QNetworkConfiguration::Defined, because:


Reverting the patch helps to get ppp0 in QNetworkConfiguration::Active state.

So, is it a bug? :-)

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Alexander Smirnov

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