> On 7 Oct 2016, at 02:32, Morten Sorvig <morten.sor...@qt.io> wrote:
> What is actually in development? The scope is outlined in QTBUG-49827 and 
> includes
> - Improving expose event handling
> - Improving support for Core Animation layer-backed QWindows
> - Improving support for embedding QWindow in NSView hierarchies
> - Driving QWindow::requestUpdate() animations via CVDisplayLink

Morten, I was doing some work, and have some patches (not yet available) in 
this area, to do with embedding NSView hierarchies inside QWidgets. The 
approximate changes are in the Cocoa QPA, to ensure that child QWindows are 
inserted into the NSView heirarchy as subviews correctly, and re-ordered in the 
subviews list (by removing and re-adding, as the AppKit docs suggest).

One of the bugs hopefully fixed by this is:


I can provide the patches via email, but I wonder if they will be subsumed by 
this work you’re about to start.

Kind regards,

James Turner - Senior Software Developer
KDAB - The Qt, C++ and OpenGL Experts

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