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We've got a number of issues that got fixed in 5.7 by the change that made QFactoryLoader stop unloading plugins (notably, the Network Manager bearer plugin). Given that QtDBus in 5.6 is now heavily threaded, a number of new issues have cropped up. I've managed to fix some, but reports from Ubuntu
developers indicate the latest fix only uncovered the next issue.


More importantly, this also solves all the QStringLiteral related crashes we've been seeing. We need this in 5.6, but it's too big a behaviour change for an LTS release. We need at least a variable to turn it on/off.

Suggestion which me and peppe discussed:

Make it opt-in in 5.6.3 and write in the ChangeLog that there will be a behaviour change in 5.6.4.
Make it opt-out in 5.6.4 (bringing it on-par with 5.8).

This gives the user a pre-warning of 3 months, it can still be turned off and fixes many crashes.

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