Hi again ☹

Something hit the fan again, and all CI systems came to a halt. IT has been 
contacted who will contact Dell immediately. I’ll keep you updated as I have 
receive info.


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Awesome. Thanks, Tony (and others who worked to get this resolved quickly)!



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(Apparently it was just my own inbox not being updated 😉)

It now looks like we have a running CI again!
I started Coin and everything seems to be running as normal. I’ll keep watching 
it for a while longer and then resume work in the morning. Thanks for your 


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Seems my earlier 2 mails haven’t reached you. I hope this one does.

We’ve suffered hardware malfunction today. Our CI environment began behaving 
oddly aprox 20 hours ago and early this morning we noticed that not everything 
was OK. To prevent data loss and further problems, we shut down the CI.

It took a lot of time to narrow the problem down, and we still aren’t 100% sure 
where the problem is, but we have a good suspect currently. We have 24/7 teams 
on this issue trying to get everything fixed.

Bear with us. We’ll be back as soon as possible.

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