Hi all,

Final downmerge from '5.10' -> '5.10.1' is now (almost) done; only webengine 
downmerge is still missing and will be done later today. So from now on '5.10' 
is for Qt 5.10.2 and all changes targeted to Qt 5.10.1 must be done in '5.10.1'.

And please remember: Target is to get Qt 5.10.1 as soon as possible so no any 
nice to haves in '5.10.1' from now on: we will accept only fixes for release 

From: Jani Heikkinen
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2018 7:54 AM
To: development@qt-project.org
Cc: releas...@qt-project.org
Subject: Branching from '5.10' to '5.10.1' started

Hi all,

We have soft branched '5.10.1' from '5.10' on Friday. Target is to do final 
downmerge from '5.10' -> '5.10.1' Friday 2.2.2018. Please finalize ongoing 
changes in '5.10' and start using '5.10.1' for new changes.
First Qt 5.10.1 snapshot is already under testing and we are targeting to get 
Qt 5.10.1 out as soon as possible after final downmerge. So please minimize 
changes for Qt 5.10.1 from now on to get it out quickly!


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