It would be nice if you can explain what data you want to collect and how it 
will be help the creator development. In my view it is quite hard to collect 
data about not implemented features, so you could only provide information 
about what feature is used. So the data could be used to see what should be 
polished. But could this not lead to false impression because people don't use 
a 'very useful' features because the implementation is 'suboptimal'. Would in 
that case not JIRA a much better source of information?

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Subject: Re: [Qt-creator] [Development] Requesting repository for telemetry 
plugin in Qt Creator


The idea is to develop a generic library/plugin, which anyone could use for 
analytics. The backend can be any storage and The Qt Company does not provide 

We plan to use the same backend, which we already use in online installers to 
collect statistics about installations. At least in case of Qt Creator, the 
plan is to make some analysis results available for the community. Obviously, 
we do not do that for our commercial tooling.

Analytics is opt-in and disabled by default in Qt Creator. We plan to ask user 
in the installer, if the user wish to participate in Qt UX improvement. If the 
answers is no, the analytics plugin is never installed.  When the creator is 
started for the first time, it will show a dialog, consisting a list of 
collected data items and an option to enable/disable the plugin. There will be 
a new output pane, which shows collected data, conversions methods, if any 
used, and transmitted data to the user.



On 22/02/2018, 15.26, "Simon Hausmann" 
<<>> wrote:


Can you provide a bit more information about how this plugin / frontend fits 
into the Qt project? Where is the collected data sent to and how is it 
accessible to the community?

(-1 from me, as I think this needs to be clarified)



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Subject: Re: [Development] [Qt-creator] Requesting repository for telemetry 
plugin in Qt Creator


+1 for creating the repo, but what about qt/qtanalytics as a name? This item 
could be useful also for other applications.



From: Qt-creator <> on 
behalf of Tino Pyssysalo <>
Date: Thursday, 22 February 2018 at 13.04
To: "" <>
Subject: [Qt-creator] Requesting repository for telemetry plugin in Qt Creator


Telemetry plugin (frontend) to collect usage data from Qt Creator to help 
improving Qt, Qt features, and Qt tools.

Non-personal data items, such as duration the user spent in design mode, will 
be collected in a way, which is completely transparent to the user.

Responsible: Tino Pyssysalo

Repository: qt-creator/plugin-telemetry


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