makes QObject::dumpObjectTree() 
and QObject::dumpObjectInfo() invokable so that they can be used from QML. I 
think that this could be useful to debug issues, but being such a widely used 
and important class, I'm a bit unsure about whether it's worth the extra 
overhead. Here's what Olivier has to say about the overhead (taken from the 
review comments):

"The overhead here is that QObject, which is the base class of all objects, 
gets two more methods. (out of the 4 it has currently.) This means that 
QMetaObject::invoke might be slightly slower if it does not find the method. 
(But since it is currently not really optimized right now, i don't think we 
should care about this.) I don't know what that means for QML lookups, but 
probably does not matter."

So, I'm wondering what others think.

Would you use these from QML?

Would these be better off as a helper function in the Qt singleton? E.g. 
Qt.dumpObjectTree(object) and Qt.dumpObjectInfo(object).
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