Hello all,

I am a student interested in participating in Google Summer of Code 2018
with Qt.

As a Qt user before, I used Qt as the UI framework to develop my
application in 3D medical image analysis and video processing. But I found
there's no commonly used Qt widget for image display and interaction, not
to mention a standard pipeline for 3D image processing.

To my understanding, most 3D image jobs are done as multiple 2D image job.
So I would like to develop a Qt widget that could display and maintain a 3D
image dataset. Most commonly used interaction methods and possible APIs
should also be included. I want to make this widget a standard widget for
all common 2D/3D images and should include most image and video I/O, for
example, OpenCV and GDCM.

I wonder whether this idea could be considered as a GSoC project. Or on
what points may I improve it?

Thank you all.

Best regards,
Xia Sun
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