Congratulations to Aapo. Jira and Gerrit rights have been adjusted.


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Subject: Re: [Development] Nominating people from our release team for approver 

Hello all,

in 2014 we agreed to make the release team in The Qt Company approvers for the
Qt Project to enable them to work efficiently.

Since then we had Aapo join the team. Aapo is working hard on improving Coin
and getting all our changes through CI smoothly. Sadly he doesn't have many
commits in the public repos.

Since he's been doing a lot of good work on Coin and the QA side of things,
helping the release team, I'd like to propose him as approver.


On torsdag 9. januar 2014 15.18.56 CET Knoll Lars wrote:
> Hi,
> I’d like to nominate a couple of people from the release team for approver
> rights. They’ve been working for the last 14 month with our release and CI
> infrastructure, and even though many of their contributions are not as
> directly visible (and often aren’t visible in gerrit), they are highly
> important to the project. I believe they all know the approval process
> well, and them being Approvers will also make it easier to get releases
> out in the future.
> The people I’d like to nominate are:
> Tony Sarajärvi
> Simo Fält
> Matti Paaso
> Akseli Salovaara
> Jani Heikkinen
> Cheers,
> Lars
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