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From: Development <> 
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Sent: Wednesday, 21 March 2018 12:33:06 PM
Subject: [Development] Proposing Albert Astals Cid for Approver


Albert has been a long time contributor to KDE and Qt and very well
known in the community.

His dashboards speak for himself, with many bugs fixed:
(For some reason pasting-and-opening URLs from gerrit is broken, so
you'll have to search yourself)

at KDAB:
owner:"Albert Astals Cid <>"

at Canonical:

on his free-time with KDE hat:
owner:"Albert Astals Cid <>"

And recently he was tricked into fixing many printing and CUPS bugs, so
thanks Albert!

Disclaimer: He's a collegue of mine at KDAB, knew him from KDE and lives
somewhat near me, in the Iberian peninsula.

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