On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 10:19:28AM -0400, Barry Warsaw wrote:

> >>given that xenial has the wrong e2fslibs, should we not refrain from
> >>having a deb at all and just point people to the snap instead, that
> >>will make sure that the right snapd and the right e2fslibs are always
> >>available to the tool.  

> >We have a code path that works on Xenial.  It just requires sudo though.

> I misremembered; we never released it to Xenial so we don't need to do that
> now.  However, the code path is still useful for people running it from source
> on the LTS.

We will also be consuming ubuntu-image internally as a .deb on top of 16.04,
for image auto-builds in Launchpad.  So we will want this in the archive

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