I'm trying to fix all the problems that were plauging the squidguard
interface.  If anyone cares, here's how to download/install it.  I've had a
lot of inexperienced people asking about content filtering, so I want to
make this easy for them.  I know it's unconventional (PHP & scripts), please
bear with me.


- mkdir /squidguard2

- cd /squidguard2

- wget -nv http://www.greencomputer.com/squidguard-2.tar

- tar -xf squidguard-2.tar

- ./create-squidguard

Rebooting is optional <GRIN>


Downloads the latest blacklist (Pal from squidguard removed all the bogus
entries like Netscape and AOL from the blacklist).  The blacklist is now
called blacklist.tar.gz~

There is a workaround for when you go through the admin console and
squidguard stops updating --> log in as root and enter

Remember to password protect your ibay.  This protects your internal
network.  If anyone knows how to do this from the commandline (shell
please), let me know and I can implement it.  Or do it yourself and send me
a copy. (it's in the create-squidguard script).

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