On Thursday 30 August 2012 00:40:13 Matthew Toseland wrote:
> Sadly Freetalk/WoT do use rollback so has to
> commit EVERY TIME. 

I oppose to the "sadly". Transaction-based programming has proven to be a 
valid approach to solve many issues of traditional "manually undo everything 
upon error"-programming.
The approach of fred to not use it is just wrong from a computer-science 

The fact that it does not perform so well is an implementation issue of the 
database, not of the client code which uses the database.

Also, Freetalk/WoT themselves are CPU/IO hogs due to them using the wrong 
algorithms, so we are not even at the point where we can tell whether their 
ACID-usage is a problem. There is too much noise generated from the highly 
inefficient algorithms which are being used by them, we cannot measure the 
performance impact of commit/rollback.

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