would you not rather be in favour of an attachments’ tab display (it could be 
iframed) as pop-up for the wiki editor?
And the let JS modify the action on link-click to be a selection, and then make 
selection insert something useful depending on the type of the selected item 
and, possibly later, on the wiki-text around the cursor.


> On 12 Oct 2016, at 18:47, Guillaume Delhumeau <> 
> wrote:
> Just some remarks before I go:
> * As a developer, I always use the Wiki editor, and even for me it's a pain
> to go to view mode to upload a file (for example, an image in the release
> notes).
> * I never use drag&drop in whatever application I have. I have never liked
> it because it requires to open a file explorer specially for that and it's
> always a pain because I use applications in full size mode. I'm sure I'm
> not the only one so I'm not fond of having it as the only way to upload
> attachments.

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