Hi devs,

I’d like that we agree on an official position re the GWT WYSIWYG editor. 

We’ve already decided to make CKEditor the default editor and to keep the GWT 
editor bundled (but off by default) till the end of the 8.x cycle.

I’d like now that we agree about 2 points:

* We don’t fix issues related to the GWT editor that do not reproduce on the 
CKEditor editor.
* Now remains the question as to whether we close them as won’t fix or not. 
Ideally the best IMO is to create a new JIRA project for the GWT Editor in the 
Contributed Extensions category, and move all opened JIRA issues to it. We 
create a version labelled “Previous versions when the GWT editor was in 
platform” so that we can use that as affects. Of course another option would be 
to not touch those issues FTM and wait till we do the move in 9.0+. I prefer 
moving the issues now if we agree now that we don’t fix issues related to the 
GWT editor.



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