This does not make any sense at general Extension level.

Could be custom metadata that apply to XAR extensions. Since that only
make sense for XAR extensions I would prefer to have this be
implemented as a xobject as usual.

For me this is already the job of the uix we use for application panel
so I don't really see the point of adding something else.

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 4:10 PM, Vincent Massol <> wrote:
> Hi devs,
> Problem
> =======
> We have 2 issues right now when installing an extension in XWiki:
> 1) It’s not clear where is the entry point of that extension.
> - Example1: an app that is only for admins and only has a ConfigurableClass
> - Example2: an app that provides a macro and doesn’t have a UI
> 2) Even when an extension registers itself in the Applications Panel, the 
> user still need to refresh the page or navigate away to see it.
> Proposal
> ========
> * Introduce the concept of Entry point (a.k.a home page) in Extension metadata
> * Have the EM UI display the extension’s entry point (when there’s one) after 
> having installed the extension so that the user can click on it and be taken 
> to the home page of the extension.
> This would make extensions more discoverable IMO.
> Implementation Details
> ==================
> * Some maven extension metadata properties in pom.xml
> * A format to represent an entry point. It shouldn’t be a full URL since that 
> needs to be computed at runtime. Basically it should contain:
> ** The document reference
> ** The action to use (view, admin, etc) - optional, should default to “view"
> ** The query string to use - optional, should default to an empty query string
> This corresponds to the notion of ResourceReference (EntityResourceReference 
> to be precise). However we don’t have any textual representation of it ATM.
> WDYT? Good idea? Bad idea?
> Thanks
> -Vincent
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