Hi devs,

I’m following up from the http://markmail.org/message/zegx62ogtq5evbsy thread 
and creating a new one since this is a side topic.

The idea is that right now when the user needs to create side content (ie 
Panels), it’s confusing since they can use either the Panels app or Menu app.

I have the following proposal: Separate the apps

* Keep the 2 concepts of Panels and Menus and make them separate: Use the Menu 
app for creating menus and the Panel app for creating panels
* Remove the ability to create panels from the Menu app
* Improve the Panel app to make it simpler to create panels
** Introduce a new xproperty for the panel title (and supporting scripting, 
could be a text area).
** If the panel xproperty content is empty then don’t display the title. This 
is to no loose the ability to have panels displayed only if some conditions are 
** Display panel content textarea in WYSIWYG to make it simple for new admins 
to create panels.
* Note that this solves issue https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-10112 since 
we already have a Panel Wizard!
* If we want, we can also easily introduce the concept of visibility for panels.


Do you see any use case that wouldn’t be covered?


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