Hello devs,

I want to publish additional Color Themes inside the Contrib organisation.
These themes will be complementary to the xwiki-platform-flamingo-themes
[1] module, and in the future we could move optional/deprecated themes from
platform there (for example Kitty, Marina, etc).

I will want to contribute the Dawn (color-theme-dawn), Mandarin
(color-theme-mandarin), Pantera (color-theme-pantera) and Snowdrop
(color-theme-snowdrop) color themes.

I would need:
- a repository on xwiki-contrib called "color-themes"
- a JIRA project called "COLORTHEMES"
https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/COLORTHEMES/ I will use separate Components
for each theme
- username: evalica

A related mail thread is [xwiki-devs] Color Themes Questions
I prefer having the themes grouped on Contrib, but as individual modules,
because the themes are related and small enough; while needing individual
dependencies, active installs count and platform version independence.



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