> On 12 Mar 2018, at 17:52, Vincent Massol <vinc...@massol.net> wrote:
>> On 12 Mar 2018, at 17:38, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) <vali...@gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 6:09 PM, Vincent Massol <vinc...@massol.net> wrote:
>>> Hi Caty,
>>>> On 12 Mar 2018, at 16:50, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) <vali...@gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hello devs,
>>>> I want to publish additional Color Themes inside the Contrib
>>> organisation.
>>>> These themes will be complementary to the xwiki-platform-flamingo-themes
>>>> [1] module, and in the future we could move optional/deprecated themes
>>> from
>>>> platform there (for example Kitty, Marina, etc).
>>>> I will want to contribute the Dawn (color-theme-dawn), Mandarin
>>>> (color-theme-mandarin), Pantera (color-theme-pantera) and Snowdrop
>>>> (color-theme-snowdrop) color themes.
>>> What is the rationale for not having those themes bundled by default in XS
>>> and committed along with the other color themes in xwiki-platform? I feel
>>> it would be much simpler for users and as you said it’s small. So why not
>>> make it the simplest possible for users and not have them to find them out
>>> randomly on e.x.o and have to install the extension?
>> Currently there are 4 themes in xwiki-platform-flamingo-theme-ui. They
>> don't have individual modules, so there is no way to specify their
>> dependencies. Some need Open Sans font, others do not. That's why first we
>> would need to provide individual modules for each theme in order to
>> correctly define them.
>> Yes, we could do that in Platform, but why? On Contrib, I can define the
>> Platform dependency to be XWiki 6.2, not 10.2, since there is nothing
>> dependent on 10.2 in them and multiple users might use them.
>> Also those 4 themes IMO should be moved outside Platform, or at least in
>> their own modules and not being in the UI anymore. This would help knowing
>> which theme is used  / wanted.
>> I understand the new default Iceberg has sense to have a 10.2 dependency,
>> and that's why this is committed in Platform see
>> https://github.com/xwiki/xwiki-platform/pull/714
>> but I don't see why we would block the new themes to this version.
>> So the answer is modularity, dependencies and platform version. More
>> details in the related thread [xwiki-devs] Color Themes Questions
>> http://markmail.org/message/v75q2klsouu72mo7
> Modularity has a very high cost. Since it means needing to release modules 
> before we can bundle them. We’ve done some exceptions so far (Tour extension, 
> CKEditor, etc) but I’m personally very against continuing in this direction. 
> Anything that should be bundled by default in XS should come from the xwiki 
> github org and be released with the same version.
> There’s a reason why we stopped doing this years ago after trying it! It’s a 
> major PITA. It means:
> * creating complex release plans
> * having to release external modules before we can release XS
> * having to test all variations
> * lots of complexities such as: no single release notes or complex to do 
> release notes to find out and list all external changes in the XS release 
> notes

So the only valid option for me if you want them in contrib is to decide that 
we’ll never want to bundle them in XS. I find that a bit of a pity and I liked 
that the were proposing several color themes by default to our users.


> Thanks
> -Vincent
>> Thanks,
>> Caty
>>> Thanks
>>> -Vincent
>>>> I would need:
>>>> - a repository on xwiki-contrib called "color-themes"
>>>> https://github.com/xwiki-contrib/color-themes/
>>>> - a JIRA project called "COLORTHEMES"
>>>> https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/COLORTHEMES/ I will use separate
>>> Components
>>>> for each theme
>>>> - username: evalica
>>>> A related mail thread is [xwiki-devs] Color Themes Questions
>>>> http://markmail.org/message/v75q2klsouu72mo7
>>>> I prefer having the themes grouped on Contrib, but as individual modules,
>>>> because the themes are related and small enough; while needing individual
>>>> dependencies, active installs count and platform version independence.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Caty
>>>> [1]
>>>> https://github.com/xwiki/xwiki-platform/tree/master/
>>> xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-flamingo/xwiki-platform-flamingo-themes

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