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   1. Re: EOL for ISC DHCP Announced (Philip Prindeville)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2023 11:41:08 -0600
From: Philip Prindeville <>
To: Users of ISC DHCP <>
Subject: Re: EOL for ISC DHCP Announced
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Hi Vicky,

I'm the maintainer of isc-dhcp downstream in OpenWrt.  I'll try to find time in 
the next month or so (being laid off by CrowdStrike complicated things) to 
package Kea for OpenWrt, the main issue being addressing the cross-build 
details and then a new backend to generate JSON instead of the traditional 
dhcpd.conf file.



> On Oct 10, 2022, at 12:39 PM, Victoria Risk <> wrote:
> DHCP-users,
> By now, active readers will have spotted the announcements of the release of 
> DHCP 4.4.3 -P1 and 4.1-ESV-R16-P2 last week. In the release notes, we also 
> stated that we intend that release to be the last release of this software 
> from ISC. 
> Hopefully this is not a big surprise to anyone, as we have been saying for 
> years we were winding down maintenance. We cannot make more changes without 
> risking likely collateral damage, and we want to focus our energies on Kea 
> instead. I posted a blog about the EOL on the ISC web site 
> (  I apologize to anyone I 
> inadvertently left out of the thank-yous: I was feverish with Covid when I 
> wrote and posted it and it was the best I could manage at the time. In 
> particular I know the operating system packagers have contributed many issues 
> and fixes over the years and I forgot to acknowledge them.
> Please feel free to ask questions (here is fine) if our intentions aren?t 
> clear. In particular:
> - The Gitlab ( remains open for 
> tracking issues (even though we won?t be fixing them) and submitting patches 
> (we won?t be releasing them, but people can download them). 
> - This mailing list will remain open, and is still a critical resource for 
> users.
> If any of you DHCP experts on here would like to take a crack at forking and 
> maintaining this DHCP code base, you are absolutely welcome to do so. If you 
> need elevated privileges in our Gitlab in order to attempt something like 
> that, please get in touch with me.  The only two ?developer guides? I am 
> aware of are now posted publicly on the wiki page for the DHCP open Gitlab at 
> Vicky Risk
> -- 
> ISC funds the development of this software with paid support subscriptions. 
> Contact us at for more information.
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ISC funds the development of this software with paid support subscriptions. 
Contact us at for more information.

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