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   1. Re: Getting failover: link startup timeout (Bob McDonald)


Message: 1
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2023 10:17:21 -0400
From: Bob McDonald <>
Subject: Re: Getting failover: link startup timeout
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First, your config isn't correct. You have both the primary and secondary
configured with the same IP address. My statement is based on the small
configuration snippet included in your post. I'd be happy to review your
full config offline at your convenience.

Second, I said that this was THEORETICALLY possible. While I think I see
what you are trying to do, I don't see why you are trying to do it. Client
distribution across members of a failover pair is controlled by the split
parameter. Defining each member as a primary and a secondary on separate
failover pairs and then assigning a particular failover pair at the subnet
level would simply increase the amount of computing cycles spent within the
individual servers due to the increased complexity of the configuration
also resulting in increased knowledge needed at the troubleshooting level.

Third, ISC DHCP is now EOL (as of Dec 2022). Give some serious
consideration to looking into moving to ISC's new KEA product. Yes,
there is a learning curve involved. However, you already have a cursory
understanding of DHCP. You'll have no issues converting.


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