Hi all,

The ‘search tracked entity instance in all Org Units’ authority doesn’t appear 
to be working in 2.24 – see section 26.2 of the 2.24 User Guide for details of 
this authority.  (This feature has been documented for quite some time now, but 
I haven’t yet had a chance to check whether or not it’s working in earlier 
versions of DHIS2.)  Even after being given a role containing this authority, 
users do not appear to be able to search for tracked entity instances outside 
of their assigned ‘data capture’ Org Units.

To reproduce this in the 2.24 stable demo:

1.       While logged in as ‘Admin’, go to ‘Tracker Capture’, select ‘MNCH / 
PNC (Adult Woman)’, and select the Njandama MCHP org unit.

2.       Type ‘Sarah’ in the search box – it should return a record for Sarah 
Thompson registered at Ngelehun CHC.

3.       Go to the User app, and update the role ‘MNCH / PNC (Adult Woman) 
program’ to include the following authorities:
- Add/update tracked entity data value
- Add/update tracked entity instance
- Delete tracked entity data value
- Delete tracked entity instance
- Search tracked entity instance
- Search tracked entity instance in All Org Units
- See browser cache cleaner module
- See dashboard integration module
- See Tracker Capture Module

4.       Create a new user with just this role, and give it only the Njandama 
MCHP Org Unit.

5.       Log out and back in again with this new user.

6.       Go to ‘Tracker Capture’, select the Njandama MCHP Org Unit (it should 
be the only one showing), and select the ‘MNCH / PNC’ program.

7.       Type ‘Sarah’ in the search box – no records are returned; click to 
show ‘detailed search’, and only the Njandama Org Unit is showing (rather than 
the wider OU tree mentioned in the documentation), meaning this user is not 
able to search for tracked entity instances registered/enrolled at Ngelehun CHC.

Tested on DHIS2 2.24 stable demo (revision fff20a3); Chrome version 
53.0.2785.116 (64-bit); Mac OSX 10.11.6 (15G1004)

I’d be very grateful if anyone can see anything that’s missing in what I’ve 
configured above, or is alternatively able to confirm this as a known bug.

Many thanks,


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