Hi DHIS2 devs!

We've been using your API for a while now, and if the experience has been
mostly pleasant, there are some aspects which are making our work more
difficult, so I wanted to let you know what would make our life easier:

   - *Return IDs of created items:* when we create a meta data (org unit,
   data element, etc), the API should return the newly created object id (or
   ids if multiple ones). Failed to do so require us to make a second call
   using a field to fetch the object back, this being a risky thing when
   fields are not always unique. Same thing when a batch process occurs,
   having something such "2 updated, 2 ignored" does not help me - I need to
   know which have been updated and which not so that my app can react

   - *Respect user rights management:* if I can only access some object
   using the app with a given user/password, I should have exactly the same
   rights throught the API - the way I access the app should not impact what I
   can see/do

Cf my previous mail, the additionnal point is to have a lot of thought
before altering the API in a backward incompatible change - this can break
a lot of software, and at minimum to document those closely.

I'll be happy to discuss more on those topics, and to contribute any help
that can be useful.

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