Hi all,

I'm having some difficulties working with Data Elements on Android's Tracker 
Capture App.
For data elements with value type INTEGER, where option sets are used, the 
questions get cut off when the length exceeds the width of the screen (image 
The majority of my data elements are long and start out with similar wordings 
and have the same option sets for answers thus, all questions look exactly the 
same without the full length being displayed.
On the other hand, when the value type is BOOLEAN, the question automatically 
gets moved to the next line (image #2).
Is there a workaround for this and what would be the best solution for this?

The second issue is whenever there are multiple Program Stage Sections (which 
are displayed as tabs on Android) in a Program Stage, they seemed really 
unstable and the tabs keep on navigating/switching back and forth when a field 
is being populated.
For instance, when I'm on a question on the fourth tab, as soon as I select an 
answer from an option set, while the data is trying to sync, I'm automatically 
redirected to the very first tab (program stage section) even though I was 
working on another section.
Moreover, when I'm working on a particular tab (program stage section), the 
current active tab should be highlighted/underlined (as seen on image #1), but 
most of the time it isn't (as seen on the second image).
It seems to be quite buggy, and I'm not sure what's causing this issues. Any 
insights on this would be great.

Thank you.


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