Hi all

*TL;DR* We are moving to Discourse <https://community.dhis2.org> for
discussions and communications, Launchpad <https://launchpad.net/dhis2> is
going away!


During the last Experts Academy, we introduced the DHIS2 Community of
Practice (CoP). The CoP is a response from many of you for a one-stop shop
to find relevant resources and information online. The CoP will be a forum
to ask DHIS2 questions and receive many answers with the possibility to
start a discussion. It will be a place to publish DHIS2 roadmaps and
discuss new features, get comments and feedback from the community, and
connect with sector-specific implementers.

The DHIS2 community has been using Launchpad as the mode of communication.
There are many useful functions with Launchpad but we have found that the
Discourse platform will meet more of the needs of the community. We believe
this move will enable us to have more in-depth conversations, include more
of the existing community members and reach new ones. Discourse can also
function as a mailing list and below are five other features that Discourse
offers which would be advantageous to the DHIS2 CoP:

   - Ability to highlight contributors (e.g., badges for most answers to
   questions, likes, topics created) so we can recognize people who have been
   significant participants in conversations and helped others.
   - Ability to build sub-forums to enable more focused discussions (e.g.,
   Case-based surveillance, CHIS, Security, Mobile) where interested parties
   can talk in detail without the entire community being notified.
   - Ability to reduce duplicate posts by showing related questions, pinned
   posts, etc.
   - Ability to add features like FAQ, voting for features or right
   answers, @mentioning relevant user groups or development teams, analytics
   on activity.
   - Ability to keep engaging the community by sending out weekly emails
   with the most active discussions.

To see how the DHIS2 CoP is set up, check out http://community.dhis2.org
and start testing out the new categories
<https://community.dhis2.org/categories> and provide feedback on how you
think the CoP looks so far.

Note also that all mailing list posts would be migrated from the existing
lists so that you can claim and own your old posts and we can start
recognizing major contributors immediately!

The aim is to migrate to Discourse completely in the end of November, with
the official closing of the Launchpad lists and launch of the new DHIS2 CoP
on November 29th.

You can contact commun...@dhis2.org for any questions - or of course post
it on Discourse <https://community.dhis2.org/>.

best regards,

Karoline and Lars

Lars Helge Øverland
Technical lead, DHIS 2
University of Oslo
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