Hi Jason,

These explanations are helpful. As Gerald mentions it is tricky though if
you want to use the WHO DQ app to find missing values which then flags all
nulls as missing whether the complete button on the dataset has been
pressed or not. So in this scenario we have 2 options – capturing zeros
which is not advised as you point out as it does not affect the aggregated
values and bloat the database. The 2nd option is that the WHO app could be
bit more sophisticated to check for the complete flag before flagging a
value as missing which in my view is 1st prize.

In SA we currently implement a solution where we save zero values in order
to monitor completeness but then delete them at the end of the reporting
financial year because then completeness monitoring is no longer a priority
for that period.


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Hi Gerald,

No, they will not appear unless people re-enter the data. When this setting
is used, what happens on the client side, is that even if people enter a
zero, it will never get transmitted to the server. In most cases, having
zeros simply leads to massive numbers of zeros stored in the database,
which are not important when things get aggregated. Users are often not
consistent about entering zeros, and trying to divine what the user's
intent was, can be exceedingly difficult. This is the reason that the
"Complete" button was implemented. With proper training and messaging, this
can be used to indicate that the report it complete, and that everything
which is blank, should be able to be assumed to be zero. Often people want
to try and use a zero to indicate that a particular service is offered, but
that there were simply no clients for that reporting period. The problem of
course is whether the data entry staff understand this. I am not sure what
the need for zeroes actually is in your case, but you may want to consider
to use the completion information instead, if possible. We have seen
numerous cases were more than 60% of the values stored in a DHIS2 database
are zeros. This leads to slower performance of analytics, as well as
inflation of backup sizes, so I hope if you do change this, to think
carefully about whether you really, really need all those zeros!

Best regards,


On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 5:03 AM gerald thomas <gerald17...@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Barnabas,

Thanks for your help.

The issue now is that we had been ignoring it all this time. Now, we want
to consider it again which means we will have to enable them as a batch by
API method but I am inquiring if the previous missing zeros will appear.

On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 9:50 AM Barnabas Akumba <akumbaba...@gmail.com>

Hello Gerald,

Storing of zeros in the DHIS2 is configured during the Data Element
Creation stage. There is an option where you need to enable the Data
Element to store zero values (see attached screen shot).

[image: image.png]

Once that is done for all the Data Elements, then the Form will be able to
store Zero values.


On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 10:42 AM gerald thomas <gerald17...@gmail.com>

Dear all,

We are looking at the WHO tool and there was a concern about the zeros
which are not storing in the PostgreSQL database.

Please is there any solution for these zeros not storing?

Is there another way for the WHO tool to differentiate between an actual
blank space and Zeros?

Thanks in advance for your contribution.




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