This xslt will convert inkscape's PLAIN svg files to dia shapes.

  xsltproc svg2shape.xslt --stringparam icon-file firewall.icon \
  firewall.svg > firewall.shape

The attached bash script "genshape" will use inkscape to export the icon
and the simple svg and converts this to the shape file all in one go.


Here is how the standard dia meta data is obtained:

1. The first "text" with id "textbox" is converted into the shape's
textbox and removed from the svg.

The text in this text becomes the <name> of the shape.

2. All items with an id that begins with "connector_" generate a
<connections><point> tag with the connection point in the middle.

This is calculated by taking the average of the min and max x points and
the min and max y points.

The min and max taken from attributes x, x1, x2, width and pulling out
all the X coordinates in draw paths, or y, y1, y2, height or all of the
Y coordinates in the draw paths (@d attribute)

There are also some -isms to correlate the -isms in shape2svg, such that
the connections were put into a <connections> layer and the shape was
put into a shape layer.

inkscape is explicit about draw styles, so there was no need to fixup
assumptions when converting to shape.


Currently I do NOTHING about transforms or groups or other svg forms
that dia can't handle.

I don't preserve the order of connection points, ubt I don't think it

I still haven't worked out how to get xsltproc to generate the right
namespace prefixes.

So where does this leave us?

I can make simple drawings (and moderately complex ones) in SVG.

1. I just make sure the ID for visual connection points begins with
2. I make sure there is a text area with id "textbox" and contents
"Network -Firewall" or whatever.

then I can convert and make a shape file really easily!


Attachment: svg2shape.xslt
Description: application/xml

#! /bin/bash

PNG="`dirname "$1"`/`basename "$1" .svg`.png"
SHAPE="`dirname "$1"`/`basename "$1" .svg`.shape"

# generate png
inkscape -e "$PNG" -w 22 "$1"

# generate simple svg
inkscape --export-plain-svg=/dev/stdout "$1" | \
xsltproc --stringparam icon-file "`basename "$PNG"`" xslt/svg2shape.xslt - \
  > "$SHAPE"
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