is a recognized leader in software language localization in
Africa. Although not strictly speaking the first African language
wordprocessors (see comments at ), its
products seem to be setting the standard for a new generation of computing.

Anyone interested in discussing aspects of African languages & ICT is invited to
join the a12n-forum ("a12n" being an ICT take on "Africanization"). See (NB- There's no connection
between & a12n-forum)

Don Osborn

Quoting Andy Carvin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> The UNDP's NIT Observatory has several interesting news stories today, 
> so rather than post them individually I'm sending them as a batch today.
> ---- Software First for African Languages
> Two years of computer programming will culminate tomorrow with the 
> launch of the first word processing software to run in Zulu, Sepedi and 
> Afrikaans. Its developers claim that this is the first word processor to 
> be released in African languages, beating a project by Microsoft SA to 
> convert its own software into native languages.
. . .

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