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Dear author

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new refereed e-journal:
"International Journal of Education and Development using Information and
Communication Technology (IJEDICT)" located at
Articles in the first issue will be published early in 2005.

The journal is published on the WWW as an open resource journal, i.e., with free
and open access to all, but it has the status of commercially published
journals by having an International Editorial Board and academic peer-reviewed

The journal concentrates on ICT in education and evelopment in hitherto less
developed parts of the world, e.g., developing countries (especially small
states), and rural and remote regions of developed countries. It has a research
section for academic, peer-reviewed articles, and a "studies from the field"
section for edited (but not peer reviewed) case studies /reports.

Call for Papers
We are now calling for research papers, case studies, reports from the field,
book reviews and other submissions you may wish to offer to this community.
There is no set deadline - articles are published as soon as they have been
reviewed and copyedited.

For further details on how to submit your article, please visit the IJEDICT
website located at


Stewart & Wal

Professor Stewart Marshall
Director, Distance Education Centre
The University of the West Indies, BARBADOS
phone:    +1 246 417 4497       fax:    +1 246 421 6753

Professor Wal Taylor
Capetown University of Technology, SOUTH AFRICA
phone:    +27 21 460 3232        fax:   +27 21 460 3985

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