Speaking of "forgotten" technologies, how about fax-on-demand? And auto-responders?

In this regard, a friendly thought sent with a hug -

on this page

Perhaps in each of the categories the viewer could send an email to ???


which would trigger an autoresponded message -- with short faq and full names and phone numbers for the "right" person?

John Hibbs

At 9:21 PM -0500 5/8/05, Donald Z. Osborn wrote:
True that the telephone is accessible, but at least in the US, phoning many
government services gets one into a tree (thicket) of recorded menus and canned
answers. Sometimes useful but a simple question can take an age to find the
answer to, and anything more complex becomes an exercise in frustration.

Information is part of the goal, but presentation of it in a user friendly way
is key, and often that means what in cyberspeak is sometimes termed speaking to
a "live person." (Don't want to think of the alternative.)

Quoting Kenan Jarboe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

 Andy -- thanks for posting this.  Sometimes we forget how powerful the
 "old" technologies  (i.e. telephones) can be.  I think the thrust of this
 report is important -- "which electronic channels work best"  I would even
 drop the word "electronic".  Our goal is access to government information,
 services and decision-making -- through whatever means (channels) work best.



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