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The Global Initiative for Local Computing 

The 10th Annual Internationalisation and Localisation Conference organised by
the Localisation Research Centre

13-14 September 2005
University Of Limerick, Ireland
"Ignored for many years by the mainstream internationalisation and localisation
industries because there was not enough money to be made, African and Asian
countries are gearing themselves up to challenge the digital divide.

"They have engaged in the localisation of digital content on a large scale, from
operating systems to applications and from databases to websites. While much of
this work is done in the domain of Open Source Software, commercial software
publishers such as Microsoft and HP have also engaged in a number of very
significant initiatives. Many of these initiatives are supported by
international development agencies such as, the Canadian Government Development
Agency, the European Union and the United Nations.

"LRC-X, for the first time, provides an opportunity for the localisation
community to find out about these developments first hand. 

"At LRC–X you will find out what is going to be centre-stage in localisation
over the next decade."

LRC-X Home:


Keynote speaker, Prof. Kenneth Keniston, MIT:

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