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                        LRC BEST GLOBAL WEBSITE AWARD
                                DEADLINE EXTENDED
Following a number of enquiries the Localisation Research Centre
and Euro RSCG Interaction have decided to extend the entry deadline
for the 2005 LRC Best Global Website Award.

The new closing date for this award is August 31st 2005.

Launched in 2003, the LRC Best Global Website award seeks to reward 
the web's most innovative website in relation to multilingual and 
multicultural issues. 

The goal of the award is to highlight the capabilities of a truly 
globalised site and show the increased effectiveness and 
profitability of this style of website.

In 2005 the award is truly global, inviting companies and designers 
from ALL corners of the globe to submit their work for consideration. 
Websites will be judged on a variety of different criteria by a 
panel of academic and industry experts.

If your company website caters for a minimum of 3 languages, 
is regularly updated and shows excellent quality at all levels 
of design then it may be eligible for this award. 

For more information and to enter this award visit 
or contact the Localisation Research Centre at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Deadline for entries is August 31st 2005.

This Award is sponsored by Euro RSCG Interaction.

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