Highway Africa News Agency (South Africa) http://www.highwayafrica.org.za/hana/
published an interesting item last May entitled "Blogging: a Way to 'Decolonise
Cyberspace'" which discusses an effort by a Tanzanian, Ndesanjo Macha, to
promote blogging in African languages. He has a blog in Swahili and "is one of
a group of young Africans who started a movement to place African languages on
the internet by blogging novels, songs and poems in African languages and
allowing the free use of content under the Creative Commons (cc) project."

The item was picked up by AllAfrica.com (a unique resource for accessing
articles from the African print media) at:
It can also be read at several sites (that may also be of interest for different
reasons so I'll pass all the references along):
...and apparently (though I've had trouble accessing blogspot.com):
http://newsagency.blogspot.com/ 2005_05_27_newsagency_archive.html or

On a personal note, I'll mention that I have experimented briefly with small
amounts of content in Fulfulde and Bambara on my much neglected blogspot blog,
Beyond Niamey. It would be interesting to know of all such efforts among
Africans and others blogging about Africa or whatever. Perhaps the list at
http://allafrica.com/afdb/blogs could have a column for indicating language(s)
of content...

Don Osborn

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