Apologies for Cross-Postings
Dear Colleagues,
This is to seek your feedback on my work which i started 2 years back.
Its an accumulation of e-resources on KM & other subjects. This give
links to various useful e-resources on Knowledge Management,
Librarianship, Philosophy, Health, Technology, ITES/BPO/ ITIL, Call
Centers, Business Information etc.
"KM Cyberary" - a gateway to Knowledge Resources by Bhojaraju

URL : http://www.bhojarajug.freeservers.com/cyberary.html
Blog : http://www.digitaldivide.net/blog/bhojarajug 

I hope this may be of some help for your information searching. If
possible try to add in your websites and also ask ur
colleagues/friends to make use of this "KM Cyberary". Pl dont forget
to put your feedback on the same under Guest Book of my site.

Awaiting for your kind feedback. Pl let me know if need any changes on this.
Thanks & Regards

Bhojaraju G,
Librarian – Knowledge Management, (Sharepoint Administrator)
Homepage: http://www.bhojarajug.freeservers.com 
KM-Forum Moderator : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KM-Forum/ 
ICICI OneSource Ltd.
148 Bhaskara Plaza, RV Road, 
VV Puram, Bangalore-560004, INDIA. 
Cell:+91-944 836 9905 

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