FYI (Fwd from Afrik-IT. I have no further info on this - please contact Dr.
Heeks at the address given below)...  DZO

Just a reminder that we will shortly be holding what I believe to be the largest
UK event on information, ICTs and development.

This is the 2005 UK Development Studies Association conference track on
"Information, Technology and Development", running from 7-9 September at the
Open University in Milton Keynes.

The track has 21 papers from international speakers (both practitioner and
academic), and there are related plenary, poster and practical sessions.

I won't clog up this message with the full details.  You can find abstracts of
all presentations at the conference Web site (see below); if you want to know
the running order, email me and I'll send you a timetable.

We would welcome your attendance at this event: to register (and get other
details such as accommodation and travel), go to:

If you have specific queries about the track, then email me. Please note that
this is not a call for presentations: the track is already full, and that
participants cover their own costs.

Richard Heeks
Convenor, "Information, Technology and Development" Study Group
UK Development Studies Association

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