Aspiration is conducting the first-ever 'Nonprofit Software Survey.'

We want to learn how nonprofit/NGO staff and their technology supports
around the world:

* search for appropriate software for their work,
* evaluate software options, and
* decide which tools to use.

We need your help:

1. Please fill it out!
Fill out the Nonprofit Software Survey at It'll take about 10-15
minutes to complete the survey.

2. Please pass it on!
Pass on the Nonprofit Software Survey to nonprofit and NGO
staff and decision makers in your networks.

We are especially interested in hearing from program and management
staff of nonprofits and NGOs.  We will make results widely
available once the survey is completed.

Thank you very much! (and apologies for cross-posting).



Katrin Verclas
Aspiration: Better Tools for a Better World

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