Student Teams Invited to Participate in Lemelson-MIT
        InvenTeams Program

 Deadline: May 6, 2006

 The Lemelson-MIT Program (  )  works to
inspire young people to pursue creative lives  and careers and, in
particular, to engage in invention  and pursue sustainable new solutions
to real-world  problems.

 As part of this effort, the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams  program supports a
non-competitive, team-based approach  to invention and innovation among
high school students. 
 To that end, the program annually awards grants to teams  based on the
inventiveness, ingenuity, and feasibility  of their project proposals.

 InvenTeams projects have spanned many fields, from assis-  tive devices
to environmental technologies and consumer  goods. Applicants are
encouraged to consider the problems  or needs of the world's poorest
people (those earning
 $2/day) in brainstorming project ideas.

 Up to eighteen grants of up to $10,000 each are available.
 Grant funding is intended for research, materials, and  learning
experiences related to developing the team's  invention; it may not be
expended on capital equipment or  professional services. In recognition
of their dedication,  teachers who facilitate extracurricular invention
projects  can designate up to $2,000 of their grant toward a  teacher's

 High school science, mathematics, and technology teachers
 -- or teams of teachers -- at public, private, and  vocational schools
are eligible to apply. Intra- and  inter-school collaborations are also
welcome to apply. 
 Team diversity and inclusiveness with school activities  and  classes
is encouraged. Teams may range in size from  a small extracurricular
club of five members to entire  classes of thirty or more students.

 Complete program information, application procedures, and  descriptions
of previous InvenTeams projects are available  at the program's Web
 RFP Link: 

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