Walter Bright, el 25 de July a las 18:33 me escribiste:
> On 7/25/2013 4:15 PM, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> >Walter Bright, el 25 de July a las 14:27 me escribiste:
> >>On 7/25/2013 11:49 AM, Dmitry S wrote:
> >>>I am also confused by the numbers. What I see at the end of the article is
> >>>"21.56 seconds, and the latest development version does it in 12.19", 
> >>>which is
> >>>really a 43% improvement. (Which is really great too.)
> >>
> >>21.56/12.19 is 1.77, i.e. a >75% improvement in speed.
> >
> >This is certainly misleading, is very easy to be confused with a time
> >reduction of 75%, which one would expect to be 1/4 of the original time.
> >:)
> I don't think it's misleading at all. Speed is distance/time. A
> change in speed (which is the title) is the reciprocal of a change
> in time.
> For example, a doubling of speed (100% increase) is a halving of
> time (50% reduction).

I know is technically right, I'm just saying it can be easily confused
for something else that looks much better than the actual (very good)
reality, and in this case is misleading.

If you say something that's technically correct but hard to understand,
you are not communicating your message effectively.

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